07 January, 2014

iPhone diary - Favourite place in Europe // Rome, Italy

Nearly all celebration is finished and I want to show you a little bit from thousand pictures from my holiday in Italy.

I alway dreamed to go to Europe on Christmas and finally my dreams come try. My friend Julia and I decided to go to Rome. We planed everything but us usual that's not working with us. We stayed 7 days in Rome, but I'm not shure that it was enough time to see everything.

We were like, the weather was fantastic not very cold and without rain.
We liked Christmas Day in Rome, everything was so nice and like in movie. We've been on Christmas Fair we didn't do any shopping there because it's to difficult to carry shattery things in suitcase.

My favourite place in Rome is ... actually it is in Vatican. I like St. Peter's Basilica, I can't explain that but but I enjoy the time what I spent there.

We seen so many places. So I don't want to write anything just enjoy the pictures and don't forget to write a comment.

Have a great time :) Wherever you are in your day!
Sincerely, Julia