25 December, 2013

Merry Christmas

Wish you a Merry Christmas and may this festival bring abundant joy and happiness in your life!

Have a great time :) Whetever you are in your day!
Sincerely, Julia

30 November, 2013

26 September, 2013

Some pictures from the kitchen in FClub (Kharkov, Ukraine)

Few days ago I done one more photoshoot for FClub.
This time was more interesting because we were shooting in the kitchen. The main goal was to show how Jenja cooking.

13 August, 2013

Sweet moment in Lviv

Well I finished processing the wedding photo shoot from Lviv.
I never have time to enjoy this city, but I enjoyed time talking with great couple Tatiana and Andrew.
It was great to meet an old friend and meet new wonderful people.

25 July, 2013

Menu for Fclub

I know that I didn't write for a long time I was very buzy.
I was in Lviv for a wonderful 4 days. I didn't see a lot of places in the city but I saw my old friend, went to wedding and spent a fun time. But more on that later :)
Now I want to show you the pictures from which you want to eat right now.

13 July, 2013

Mountain Villages in Cyprus

I was very interesting to see some interesting places in this beautiful island. So I decided to go to excursion to the national cyprus villages.
First stop was in the village of Salamiou, there we had traditional Cypriot breakfast. But I disided to see all around the village.

14 June, 2013

Baths of Aphrodita

First trip to the historical places in Cyprus. We choose "Baths of Aphrodita" in Polis, Paphos.
You can find more interesting information about her in Greek culture.
For us it was a trip to another side of the island.

07 June, 2013

Time for holiday!

Time for holiday.
Soon you will see some updates on my website. I will show you some beautiful places. You can enjoy some pictures from last time.

And now some pictures from last time :)

01 June, 2013

My first displayed pictures!

Hi everyone :)

Just get some great news! Some of my pictures are displayed in new offices of the International Children's Heart Foundation (http://babyheart.org/) in Memphis, USA.

28 April, 2013

The chance to be alive (video galery)

This pictures were taken in Kharkov Hospital (Ukraine).
Main aim was to show work of international team from International Childrens Heart Foundation (ICHF) and ukrainian team.

Unfortunately I can not put the video on my blog, but you can see it by clicking on the link.

21 April, 2013

Animation - Thought of You

I found very interesting animation, it's very simple but it's touching my heart every time I watched it.

17 April, 2013

Metalist FC visiting ICHF team at hospital

It was a great day in Kharkov hospital with ICHF team.

Metalist FC Manager, Mr. Myron Markevych visits the International Children's Heart Foundation team volunteers and children in the Kharkov Cardiac Unit.

15 April, 2013

Week In Review on 500px

Hi there )

It was very interesting day today. I just find out that one of my traveling pictures was published in 500px blog in there're Week In Review

02 April, 2013

My new website

Just want to share with you some interesting information.

I just finished my new website (juliagale.com), it's take me nearly one year to built it. I'm not a programer, so it was hard for me )) but interesting.

06 January, 2013


Hi everyone!

That's my first artical in blog. So I want to introduse myself. My name is Julia,I'm fashion, portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Kharkov, Ukraine.

I'm passionate about photography and life around me and love to share interesting pictures with everyone else.